The Right Website Design Helps Your Website Ranking

As website designing gains popularity in India, it is high time business owners focus on the significance of search engine optimization (SEO). A website that is SEO compatible helps it rank higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo, increasing your visibility to potential customers online. On the other hand, however attractive a website, if it is not search engine friendly, it is not doing much for your business.

Located at Vikaspuri (Near Janakpuri West– which is also known as District Center) in the west of Delhi, TechYogi IT Solutions, has a team of professionals that ensure designing your website the right way. From using the right keywords related to your business to ensuring no duplicate or low quality content is used in the site, we do it all.

Simply stated, we are a one stop solution for optimizing your website through proper technology, linking, navigation and content. That too, at an unbelievably cheap rate.

The Right Website Designing Enhances Your Branding

In an ever competitive market, where several businesses aim to tap the same target market, often it is your branding that sets you apart from your competitors. It gives your business recognition, building trust that comes when a business comes across as professional and legitimate.

When a website is designed by an expert, it works to take your brand building initiatives to the next level. The days when branding were restricted to a witty logo or a cool tagline are a thing of the past. Branding of today aims to build a visual identity of your business which can be promoted across different platforms, merchandise and as well as in traditional methods of advertising.

At TechYogi IT Soluions, we are aware of the impact your branding efforts should have on your business. Our affordable web designing services in Delhi, catering to businesses from Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Delhi-NCR and all of India, works to bring to your website the perfect color palette, fonts, logo and the many subtle touches that can truly claim to be the digital face of your business.

The Right Website Designing Improves User Experience

While a great looking website is an added advantage, what is absolutely crucial for its success, is its functionality. Does it work in tabs and smartphones as well as does in desktop devices? How long does it take to load? Does it have a layout simple enough to explore through it easily enough?

There was an age when a few advanced entrepreneurs were taking their businesses online. Owning a website in itself was enough to mark your digital presence. We have come a long way from there. At an age when even small businesses have their own websites loading faster even by a second improves prospect-to-customer conversion significantly, make sure the answers to the questions above are always on the affirmative.

Even search engines like Google take a site’s ‘mobile-friendliness’ into consideration nowadays before ranking it. Thus at TechYogi IT Solutions, your business friendly website designing services in Delhi, we design websites that are equally responsive to different devices. This ensures not just a few people sitting in front of desktops or browsing from mobiles, but everyone can access your brilliantly designed website equally fast and effectively!


While one is spoilt with choices when it comes to choosing a website designing companies in Delhi, we go an extra step. At TechYogi IT Solutions, we ensure:

  • The use of images, font, color, all combine to make the website beautiful
  • Content is interesting and matches the overall essence of the website
  • It is quick and easy for anybody to navigate through your website, and
  • The website is the perfect reflection of your brand.

In the end, it all lies in the little extra touches of practicality and aesthetics that we bring into our work, which bring our clients a little pride and a lot of success!

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Our Testimonials

Team of TechYogi is really amazing and their work strategy and planning are excellent. TechYogi is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi. Keep it up TYT.

Riya Verma -

I started an e-commerce portal but there was some problem with shipping & payment Gateway and TechYogi Team managed it so amazingly. Thanks to TechYogies.

Simran Kaur -

According to me TechYogi is the best website designing company in Delhi, Thanks to Team TY for your affordable pricing, quality support and my satisfaction.

Sumit Roy -

I would say TechYogi is the best web development agency in Delhi NCR, their team is excellent and quick responsive, delivered my site before expected time.

Amit Sharma -