The basic difference between SEO & SMO

As SMO services in India gain popularity, let us start with a basic question. How do people come across your website on the internet? Either it comes up in the search engine when they search for something, someone recommends them to visit your website or they know your business and search you out specifically. Search engine optimization is an asset of practices that, followed to a precision, improves your website ranking considerably in reputed search engines.

On the other hand, SMO or social media marketing can be both a part of SEO or a combination of all the three ways mentioned above for landing on a website. SMO service packages work to build your online reputation and make your company’s presence felt across interactive communities like Facebook & Twitter, and then go further beyond with forums, blogs and linking your business socially wherever relevant.

Our Google Certified Team

Why invest in SMO when all social media platforms are free?

Our efficient SMO services company in Delhi can help build your brand image as well as spread it across the world, boosting visibility, generating relevant leads and increasing sales. The more often people come across your brand name, it becomes a familiar image, and the more you are referred by others, trust in your brand name increases.

But that still does not answer why you should pay for optimizing social media when the platforms are themselves free. Can’t just anyone create accounts on the various popular platforms to promote themselves? Well, yes, but this free of cost availability increases competition manifold.

Professional SMO services in Delhi like ours have competent teams of professionals, whose expertise run much deep than creating casual connection in social media. Rather, in such hands, social media becomes a strategic tool used to target specific audience base, grow a brand’s popularity or goodwill and convert interested leads to customers.

4 Ways Delhi Based SMO Specialists Of Techyogi Can Aid Your Social Media Campaign

Updated Techniques

Located in Vikaspuri near Janakpuri (West Delhi), TechYogi serves clients across Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon and all over India with expert social media optimization services. Here we train ourselves constantly on the latest trends of social media. It takes very little time to fall behind when you don’t know the latest advances in the field of social media. Expert help ensures that does not happen.

Analytics Monitoring

Social media platforms maybe pretty easy to explore or customize, but interpreting analytics requires skills. Digital marketing is the most measurable form of marketing, where you get a clear idea of how much returns your investments bring. However, constant monitoring of analytics to get an idea of followers, engagement, sales, is crucial. Something our social media optimization services in India can do for you.

Generate Fresh Content

Content is the king in digital media. How original and engaging your content is on your company social media is crucial for effective optimization. Our team can generate good and informative content at regular intervals, with taglines, slogans and phrases that work to attract your audience base and use the best designs and images to go with them.

Save Time

Our team has its own strategies to consistently work towards building your brand reputation. Generating awareness, promoting your products/services & answering queries efficiently are some of the things we do commonly. Leaving your social media planning and execution to us leaves you with more time to spend on product development and customer service.

The ‘Google’ Factor

Hummingbird, the Google algorithm, is fast and precise to catch keyword stuffing. SEO techniques that might have helped to rank in the past now fall short of its clever tactics. Its modernized search terms take newer factors like social shares into consideration.

So if your content has been shared many times in social media, Google will take it as a sign for superior quality. As its algorithm aims to rank websites according to the quality of their content, TechYogi, your neighbourhood social media optimization agency in Delhi, takes care your social media campaigns are executed in an attractive, engaging and professional manner, benefitting your search engine optimization efforts in the long run.

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