Should You Try Email Marketing?

Well, that depends. Do you want a powerful medium for promoting your products and services to a wide audience at an unbelievably low cost? A medium that saves you thousands to lakhs that you would otherwise spend on promoting the same message in leading newspapers, televisions or radio commercials! Or does your business stand to gain from bulk email marketing services that use segmentation to send marketing messages to subscribers who meet your potential customer criteria ONLY?

Companies that make the maximum profit from their marketing initiatives are usually the ones who segment customer data to send messages most relevant to them. What more, with emails, you can take advantage of the medium that influences impulse buying big time! Crafting a Call to Action that people cannot resist, our email marketing services in Delhi work to take people straight to the checkout, bringing in more direct sales than any other medium of advertising you might have tried before.

Email Marketing Service Provider in Delhi

At TechYogi IT Solutions in Vikaspuri, west Delhi, we cater to clients in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR and all of India, creating stunning emails with catchy subject lines, engaging content and great templates, images, videos and logos. Our efficient technical team makes full use of all technological advancements offered by email marketing, tracking mail open, click through and conversion rates, getting a clear picture of what seems to be or not to be working for your campaign & making instant changes wherever necessary.

Could you think of another channel of communication that has such a global reach, reaching intended recipients within seconds or minutes, starting off your campaign at next to no time? We are an email marketing services company determined to bring you the best of this effective communication and promotional channel, bringing in much higher returns on investments made.

How TechYogi Builds An Email Campaign?

Located near Janakpuri in the capital city of India, we go beyond our clients’ expectations to bring them result. It starts with studying the nature of your products and services in relation to your existing and potential customers. One of the best email marketing services providers in the market, our email services are closely coordinated with landing pages in your website or company social media, creating higher engagement, generating high quality leads and bringing in higher ROI.

Email Marketing Services

Our technological skills, industry experience and insights derived from analytics come together to bring you effective email marketing solutions. Our step by step guidance helps you in the following ways:

Database Management

We work to efficiently maintain your email lists, that are instrumental for connecting, communicating and converting prospect to customers. We refine the database to relevant prospects through ‘Opt In’ where necessary. Then we execute the entire campaign to better target prospects.

Designing & Content

Professional designers and writers working for our email marketing services in India work towards creating aesthetic graphics and engaging content, enhancing your brand value. To create a better customer experience, we also create customized landing pages focusing on the campaign message.

Ease of Following Up

The database management and targeted email blasts to the segmented audience makes it easier for you to continue with follow up emails in the future. Linking to your social networking platforms also ensure you don’t miss out on any interested leads.

Tracking & Reporting

Emails are one of the most measurable mediums in terms of what works for your sales and what doesn’t. Our team of experts will follow through, analyzing the open, click through, hard and soft bounces, subscriptions to a newsletter, increase in social media followers, trends and sales conversion rates.


From insights on how to modify your campaign to taking over all the detailed planning and execution of your email and digital media campaigns, we have the advantage over most email marketing companies in India in both affordability and technical & industry expertise.

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