Why more businesses have started to value content marketing strategy?

Minimise advertising costs – As competition grows steeper, marketers resort to smarter and subtler ways to attract customers. Inbound marketing, through a steady inflow of website visitors, is a proven and cost effective method of attracting relevant prospects. Choose from professional content marketing services packages and educate them on your business objectives, to minimise your advertising budget.

Audience  Engagement  – If a blog is good, people actually stay on your site, reading till they finish it. These well written blogs & articles, by a creative employee or some competent content marketing agency services, keep visitors longer on a site, improving brand recognition and audience engagement.

Ad blocking software – Guess what the marketers who relied on online paid advertisements yesterday are doing today! They are concentrating on some of the best content marketing services in India, who help them churn out good and strategic content to pull in more prospects. And no, their contents do not stand to lose to such ad blocking software.

Brand recognition – An IBM Digital Experience Survey conducted in 2015 reported a high increase of engagement rates in websites that offer personalized content. Such original and relevant content style helps a consumer connect it with your brand, making them remember you better or take a step further in the buyer’s journey by responding to the content.

Higher conversion rates
– According to Content Marketing Institute, a comparative study between companies that try and don’t try content marketing show six times higher conversion rates for the former. It takes skills and time to build good content. But efficient content marketing companies in India like ours can readily plan and execute a content strategy that will exceed your expectations.

Increase in site traffic – There are studies to prove websites with compelling content attract a lot more visitors than most of their competitors. High quality content is the main reason why some sites get more than 1 million visitors in a day.

How TechYogi IT Solutions designs highly efficient content strategies?

Located at Vikaspuri (near Janakpuri) in West Delhi and catering to a steady flow of clients across Delhi-NCR, Noida, Gurgaon and all over India, our content strategy begins with gaining insights from data. We begin with studying the trends of your industry, what your competitors are doing, the highlights of your product and the mindset of your target audience.

With a team proficient in digital marketing, our content creation team curates the most informative and interesting content that educates, entertains, builds trust, answers questions and tells your story to a perfection.

A complete digital marketing agency, we have web and graphic designers who do their own magic with templates, fonts, graphics, images & layouts. Undoubtedly the best SEO company in Delhi NCR, our keyword search and search engine optimization strategies ensure a higher website ranking in popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc.

Next comes cross promoting your content, by spreading it across relevant platforms in a way that is cost effective as well as simple enough for you to follow up. A highly relevant step in building a strong customer base for your content, there are excellent content marketing companies in Delhi like ours to help you through it.

What remains is to find out if your content strategy is working for your business. Here we make the best use of available tools to track and analyze the response to each entry. There are monthly reports to show your site visitors and sales conversions. And individual metrics that help improve performance significantly.

Talk to our representatives today to find out more on how to improve your inbound marketing!

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