school website design

Ease, simplicity and user functionality – the three tiers of audience engagement.

A great school website is not necessarily about a huge riot of colours, a lot of photos or PowerPoint presentations. It’s more about how easily the children, their parents can, the school staff and practically anybody navigate through the website! For a site to be great, it must be designed for people to find easily whatever information someone is looking for.

The design should make user engagement easy and pleasant. When people have a feedback, they should find an easy outlet to express it. The website should also be easy to maintain in long term. A simple rendition of however complex or personalised your requirements may be, this is our focus point.

What elements will TechYogi bring to your school website?

User functionality – Simple design – no excess cramming of content that leaves the webpages difficult to read sometimes. Smart quick links – to lead readers to the most frequently asked information instantly. An updated school calendar – this is one place where old news can be quite a turn off. Rotating images that tell the story of events, making them all the more memorable.

Responsive design – This makes sure a parent does not spend half the time in readjusting pages when she is accessing your website from a mobile phone instead of a computer. We offer website design that makes sure that the site opens well from different devices like laptop, tabs or mobiles. This makes it easy to share links on social media as well.

You can integrate your website to popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. That is how most people come across new content nowadays, by coming across links others have posted, commented or shared.

Our final touch is an intuitive navigation experience. This way you ensure that no reader is confused, overwhelmed by too much information or lost when visiting your school website. And that, it becomes a pleasant, engaging and informative visit for everyone!

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