Real Estate Website for Agents

Real estate is an industry that is marked by some cut throat competition. How do you get an edge over the countless other competitors? By building a positive relationship with the client in the very first chance. You would like to show your honest side, giving people great realistic advice and building up trust. You will come across too many real estate websites that will give you a generalized information on price, square feet and location.

Purchasing a home is a milestone in life. Your client will probably put in her life’s savings into it. No wonder that they want to know so much more! Nowadays, chances are they will make an online search first before shortlisting which agent to meet. It is essential therefore, that you do what you can to make that first impression!

How can TechYogi help you build the best real estate website?

A website that is built with a focus on uploading photos and videos.

In real estate, a visual experience is highly important. You may have the exact house someone is looking for, you might have carefully mentioned all its specific information and yet, the person may keep on looking through more properties unless they actually set eyes on what could be their ‘dream home,’ It is also great to add a video viewing of the property – honest and accurate display that gives people a great idea to shortlist the ones they actually want to visit.

Careful insertion of relevant neighbourhood information.

Website for Builders & Developers

You will find most property dealers offering in the likes of locality information, just two words – ‘nice neighbourhood.’ Some might say a little more on how well connected it is by public transports, if there is a hospital nearby and that’s it. It may make a lot more impact to actually include authentic statistics on crime rates, school ratings or income level. While the figures may not always be great, it is a great way to build trust quickly in visitors.

TechYogi builds your real estate website with:

  • Best photography optimization, so you can support high quality photos in slide shows.
  • An easy client registration, that enables you to send relevant updates and availability alerts.
  • Social media tab integration – because social media is a great way to woo in prospective clients.
  • SEO optimization – Responsive websites that rank higher on search engines.

We writers and SEO experts can also churn out engaging content and digital marketing strategies that bring your site higher in Google search than your competitors. Talk to our creative team today to get some great ideas!

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