There is an increasing awareness among small to mid-level entrepreneurs about the significance of PPC management services in India. Your search engine (SEM) marketing plan goes beyond search engine optimization (SEO). SEO & SEM both work hand in hand to target Google & Bing search engine users who are looking for answers, suggestions or products online. It is a great tool to make your digital marketing initiatives succeed and improve business growth online.

How Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Benefits Businesses?


Great returns on investment

The best thing about PPC is how measurable its returns are. From ad impressions to clicks, site visitors and sales made, it can all be measured. At TechYogi, we offer super effective PPC services in India at a reasonable rate to help you make the best of the Adwords PPC services, Facebook or Bing ads. PPC, like SEO, needs optimization. Our constant reseach on effective keywords and working on them keep your campaigns exposed to potential profitable areas.

Quick results

While SEO comes to the mind when talking about building a targeted audience base and rightly so, it does take constant effort and a lot of patience to give consistent results. Compared to that, PPC results are almost instant. Our PPC services company in Delhi offers well optimised PPC campaigns that are instrumental in helping a new business grow rapidly.

Easy to measure results

So what helps selling your products – the new packaging, the ads you ran in the local newspaper or your PPC campaign? There may not be an accurate way to measure the contribution of the first two, but running a campaign on Google Adwords  for targeted visitors will easily tell you if it is working or not. Adding basic PPC service cost to your marketing budget will also help you make better informed decisions.


Did you know Google Adwords, Twitter and Facebook offers a piece of code that you can add to allow these networksfind out through cookies the people who visited your website and left without buying anything? These potential leads then bring you the great opportunity to target the people who landed in your site, searching for a product or service. Retargeting or remarketing campaigns like these, when done strategically, can yield great results in converting prospects to customers or making repeat sales. Our PPC campaign strategy is designed to bring you the best that PPC has to offer!

Aligns easily with other digital media marketing channels

Use PPC to test different keywords before including them in your long term SEO goal. Try it out to get more email signups and thus valuable marketing data for your email campaigns. Make more people install your mobile application thus strengthening your mobile marketing. Explore Adwords dynamic search ads to find out which keywords work for your website. There is so much to discover. Use our PPC services packages to find out the best of PPC features.

However, to add a word of caution, do not use PPC if your profit margin on product is too low to run PPC campaigns or hire a PPC service provider. If you have Adsense website, find out the cases where Adsense and Adwords search engine marketing should not be used together, and try it only after you have sufficient knowledge of how to use PPC to your benefit.

Once you are confident of how it works, or have some technical help by your side, make the best use PPC to sell products, services, promote your new business, for time sensitive offers that need instant response as well as to find out the best keywords to improve your website ranking.

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