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Apps are popular inside the pharmaceutical industry. However, complaints of low app engagement statistics and less downloads often make rounds. At TechYogi IT Solutions, we want to delve deeper and work on its obvious areas of improvement. Maybe if pharmaceutical companies focus less on customer dedicated apps and invest on them to streamline internal workflow, they are in for making some great benefits.

Pharmacy is a fast moving industry where the innovation process is highly valued. Apps can do great in helping you find out about and adapt to changes superfast. Give your employees a fast and convenient way to increase their knowledge (and thus Productivity) right on their phones, be it for manufacturing process or sales.

Invest in building a sales app

When you plan on selling a drug, you need to have a lot of knowledge on it. A dedicated app can help you consult all drug information – complete with case studies, safety information and competitor information. This makes you more efficient to address any number of questions the doctor might ask. Got a meeting? Just check out all the information on your way to it.

Get your medical reference app

Sometimes you may be far away from your medical books for back to back meetings. How can you manage to consult reference books at all such times? Besides, as new studies get published, the paper based manuals also need to be edited and revised time and again.

Your app can make lab work and meetings so much easier for you. It can save you hours that you spend in reference search and consultations. Use all the extra time you save in getting to the top of your game.

Build a training app

Once again, you can save valuable time that you would need to spend training new employees each time. Your training app can include videos, embedded documents and interactive charts which can enable anyone to self-train. They can even include tests to check your own progress.
At TechYogi IT Solutions, we know how apps can offer a host of learning materials, making training easy, interactive and highly engaging.

Analytics and tracking app

A medication tracking app can be highly valuable in building customer trust over time. Think for yourself, when you ask customers for data, it not only gives you vital insight on your product, it also gives a customer the impression that you take their feedback seriously.

We can get creative and add features like setting reminders to take medication and basic information. It can ask for side effect information from customers, which will give you direct access to customer data after the medicine has become available in the market.
Talk to one of our young enthusiasts to find out how building an app can open a host of possibilities for your organization!