NGO Website Design

Non profit websites need to be attractive, highly functional and easy to update. The last because people will always want to find out the current news and current status of your initiatives and they should not be welcomed with information that they saw last week when they viewed your site. Like every other sector, your non-profit website should be equally enticing and easy to navigate, making it a pleasure to visit your site.

Non-Profit Organization Website Development

Essential Website Features Included @ TechYogi

The ‘Donate’ Button – The world runs on money. Whatever unselfish objectives you may be working for, it needs money to accomplish objectives. Therefore, when people are moved by the causes you are supporting and want to donate to one of your causes, make the process easy for them.

We can do this by using your PayPal dashboard, making it possible to donate via all major cards as well as via PayPal. Because transparency boosts reliability – something NGOs thrive on, you can also opt to show the donation details and the amount raised till date.

Responsive Website for NGOs

Device Responsive Design – Responsive websites rank higher on search engines. Even more importantly, they give users the same smooth experience, irrespective of which device they visit your site from. It makes a site easy to navigate and score high on user experience.

Photo and Video Archives – A picture is worth a thousand words and you sure want to show the smile that you have brought on people’s faces. Therefore, we make sure that the site includes your best high resolution photos and videos to tell your story the best possible way.

Web Designing for Non-Profit Organizations

Important Information – Your mission and vision, the biography of the trustees, featuring blog posts regularly and a clear description of volunteer opportunities, the design enables it to post relevant information in a clear and engaging manner.

At TechYogi IT Solutions, we do what it takes to build a user friendly, impressive, informative and reliable non-profit websites for befitting causes that evokes admiration and reverence. To find out more, talk to someone from our creative team today!

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