Hair Salon Website

Hair salons are largely about beauty and aesthetics. And yet, when it has a dedicated website, practical efficiency and functionality is just as important. How easy is it to book an appointment online? Are you missing out an opportunity of building a database of prospective clients for marketing? Is your website driving people away from your salon?

At TechYogi IT Solutions, our expert creative team understands the basics of what works and what does not. Living a life largely dependent on Google, we have got adjusted to a lifestyle where we like searching online before making any purchase, trip or even a dine-out decision. So it makes good sense to make your website as enticing in the virtual world as you expect your salon to be in the physical world.

Point of focus when building your hair salon website

Device Responsive

Since people are searching nowadays from PC, laptops, tabs and mobiles – we ensure that your site fits across the screens of different devices.


People may like to read a few lines about your different specializations, but they sure will be more willing to actually see what the different hairstyles look like. This won’t be a heavily content driven site, but one full of attractive, high resolution photos.

Pro tip – Downloaded images often look unrealistic and generic. Bring us some well captured photos from your own salon to tell your story better.

Important Information

The website may not be content heavy, but it must carry important information like opening and closing time, information about special discounts and call to action to prompt prospective clients to walk- in. Don’t worry. Our creative team can churn up some cool content for you that actually makes people take notice!

User Functional

The easier it is to navigate the website, the happier a person will be to browse through it. Also, do what you can to make things easy for them. Someone wants to book an appointment online? We make sure she can easily do it online. People need to know how to reach your place? We give detailed direction and integrate it with the map – so even Google shows your location in case someone looks for it online.

At TechYogi IT Solutions, we make it a point to create websites that are attractive, informative and efficient. Come find out how you can make your web presence a doorway to make more clients walk in!

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