eCommerce Website Designing

Primary focus for any e-Commerce site is for customers to find you

There is hardly an entrepreneur who would not get a panic attack if his sales was to drop by 50%. Yet it makes one wonder, why don’t people lose sleep over the enormous potential of sales that they are missing out on? Let us look at, when you are not focussing on ecommerce SEO services, what is it that you are exactly losing?

SEO Services for e-Commerce Websites

At TechYogi IT Solutions, we have seen it for a fact that any online business that does not concentrate on SEO is running the risk of remaining invisible to prospective customers looking for similar products that you sell. These customers are flocking in on your competitor’s website (with top Google rankings) instead! If you were to check your analytics tool, you would see organic search is where most of your revenue has come from.

Technology has largely changed the purchasing process of consumers. Now they spend a long time searching online, before they decide to buy a product.

Ecommerce SEO Services in India

Your brand is right in front of the right audience, when you employ the best ecommerce SEO services!

SEO is a powerful marketing strategy at a very low cost

eCommerce is a highly competitive industry. It makes a lot of sense to target the right audience – pay for showing advertisements to people who already use or are looking for products similar to yours. To do this, your company may have to pay a high amount to place advertisement banners or for per click. This works great for short term offers or events that are coming up soon.

No wonder it is an effective method, but the moment you stop paying, this source runs dry. And not everyone can compete with the big players in the industry when it comes to paying for running ads constantly on the leading search engines. With our ecommerce SEO packages, your traffic flow does not remain limited or dependent to the ads you pay for.  You can always try PPC by the side. With the right strategy, it is in fact one of the quickest methods to see quick results. You when you are on a tight budget, SEO will always have your back and keep the revenues coming.

Ecommerce SEO Agency in India

Here you do not have to pay anything for per click or even per conversion. With SEO done right since the beginning, you will find local e-Commerce websites giving the international sites a run for their money. When you combine SEO with other marketing methods, it enhances the overall sales and marketing so much for the better. Yes, there is a cost involved in hiring an expert ecommerce SEO agency in India, but the rest is targeted marketing at its best – for free.

Once done right, SEO keeps working for your site over a long time

When you optimize your website for the search engines, you work towards marketing that is economic, targeted towards the right prospective clients, comes with measurable results and keeps benefitting your website for a much longer period of time. Unlike other forms of advertisements, the benefits of SEO do not stop with a stopped payment. Rather, it adds up with the older efforts and becomes more impactful. When marketing budget is low, you can temporarily stop all the paid methods of marketing and your ecommerce website SEO plan will still keep going strong for you, showing up in the organic search results.

Local SEO Services

Google is a day to day life companion for millions of lives worldwide. These people turn to it for information and entertainment alike. What Google suggests is immediately trusted to be reliable information. You may have noticed your own self doing this – when you search for any service online, you usually end up clicking on one of the top links.

There are many case studies showing sites that rank on top have a huge inflow of visitors of which, if even a small percentage converts into customers, it is still a very large figure. At TechYogi IT Solutions, our ecommerce website SEO tips can do just that for you!