How Businesses Benefit From Their ‘Digital Shops?’

By the year 2020, India is estimated to generate retail revenue of $100 billion, shows a study of the Indian Institute of eCommerce. Entrepreneurs expand their businesses online for many reasons.  With minor investments in an ecommerce website, a business can save big bucks that would go in setting up a physical store, including rents, employee wages and several other operational costs. Your products and services are exposed to a global audience, thus increasing your scope for sales. Even with little infrastructure at your disposal, you can compete with much bigger businesses, as your service remains available every hour of a day and every day of a week.
Online transactions enable faster payment. Order processing costs are reduced, owing to orders coming directly from the orders database to the website. Online feedback as well as tracking purchases generate valuable data that can help you improve your products as well as aim your marketing to the targeted prospect base for your product. Besides, your online shop can work as a catalogue for your existing customers. Ever mindful of the many benefits of selling online, at TechYogi IT Solutions, your neighborhood IT solutions agency at Janakpuri, we bring you the best customized and affordable e-commerce website development services in Delhi, to match your budget and requirements.

What To Look For In Your e-Commerce Website?

Ecommerce website design is gaining rapid popularity in India as more and more popular clothes, accessories, shoes, lifestyle, travel or b2b businesses are putting their products and services up for sale online. All they need to start is a website that includes ordering process and payment gateway. However, as you decide to take your business online, your foremost criteria should always be to make your site be at par or even better from other businesses offering the same solutions. It should contain related graphics, be functional, complete with shopping cart, payment gateway, merchant accounts & online credit card processing and other related solutions.

For any e-commerce website design, it is crucial that it is arranged with the right database like SQL or MySQL database. The website designer and developer should work in close coordination and they should focus on crucial points like, including every possible payment options. The more user friendly its features, the wider audience it will attract and engage.

You must also ensure the design is aesthetic enough to influence a visitor, while strongly reflecting your brand value. Your e-commerce website is basically your shop, where you must do what you can to make the experience pleasant and smooth for the customer.

Situated at west Delhi and catering to clients from Delhi, Delhi-NCR, Noida, Gurgaon and all across India, at TechYogi It Solutions, we urge our clients to concentrate on serving customers, while leaving the job of ecommerce website design in Delhi and beyond, in our able hands.

Is Your e-Commerce Website Following The Basic Technicalities?

Is your website mobile friendly? Be it basic navigation, payment or checkout, your site should be equally easy to use for people using mobile devices and people using desktops. The use of mobile devices in accessing websites and making online purchases is growing in leaps and bounds, making it foremost important to make your website accessible to all device users.

Does your website allow one-time shoppers to shop without making it compulsory to create an account? While creating an account is important to gain valuable customer data and increase future marketing opportunities, the option should be open for customers who want to make a fast purchase, to be able to do so.

Does your website follow secure data confidentiality practices? Credit card and any payment information of your customers should be highly secured. Same about the contact information of potential or existing customers. All e-commerce sites should support SSL to encrypt confidential information and PCI compliant.

To ensure your site comes with all smart functionalities pertaining to the e-commerce industry, get in touch with us at TechYogi IT Solutions, the smartest e-commerce website development company in Delhi. Let our professionals do their magic and bring a fast, efficient and super attractive e-commerce website at your disposal!

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