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5 Steps To Building A Homepage that Converts

By January 15, 2018Website Design

The internet is one such place where old bits of wisdom like ‘Never judge a book by its cover,’ do not hold true while ‘The first impression is the last impression,’ stands for useful advice. Because it is the first impression that will decide whether a visitor will linger on your page or leave it immediately. For this, our website design company in Delhi always puts the high priority on the home page of a client website. We bring you here the top four ways you can polish up your home page.

The Homepage can influence a visitor’s next step

You know which is a good homepage? That which the designer has built while keeping in mind what are the first tasks a visitor might want to do after landing on your website. For that, you need to figure out which part of the home page catches your attention immediately. Make it the focus point to offer your visitors the most vital information or instruction for the next step. At least, that is how our web design company in Delhi NCR prefers to do things. Because in most cases, visitors will spend less time scanning your page and click on where you want them to click. So decide how you want them to act next. Give them clarity instead of confusion.

Focus next on the page layout

For a homepage that is instrumental in converting visitors, the middle of the top section is vital. So decide carefully how to best use the pixels up there. There have been several studies that have tracked the eye movement of volunteers which show people spend longer looking at this part. Use this part to clearly indicate a user how to take the next step in their goal. Nothing better, if you can give a glimpse of the main goal too, once again, for the sake of clarity. Our website design company will often use a highly attractive headline here, complete with colourful graphics and instructions on what to do next.

Make your Homepage easily scannable

Once a viewer lands on your homepage, what he or she commonly does is scan the entire content for finding an indication of how the website works. Make it easy by clearly dividing the content in sections. Make good use of the ‘white space’ (empty space between content) to make the page scannable. This is not possible in a page that is overcrowded with text. If there are many different sections, you can try a grid-like structure. At TechYogi IT Solutions, we are always mindful of such nitty gritties. The magic always lies in details and consistence.

Keep the volume of text at a minimum

In marketing, it is always essential to minimize the noise. To quote Steve Krug, “Get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of what’s left.” This will only give more scope to the viewer to focus on the important parts. It is also good to keep the language easy, simple and free from technical jargons. Keep it short, use active voice throughout and see to it that the users don’t end up getting caught up in words. The right website design company in Delhi or anywhere can offer you a website that is the teamwork of excellent content writers, graphic designers, search engine optimizers and website designers.


And of course, concentrate on the graphics

Make sure that you use icons and images that highlight the products or services. Keep decorative images to a minimum. Use graphics to draw attention to a product and secondly, to explain how a product or service works. That’s it. Graphics in a homepage play a significant role in converting visitors. It is a good idea to use images that evoke reliability. Example? Say a logo of a safe payment accreditation organization and/or some reputed consumer protection agency. However skilled the staff of your web design company in Delhi NCR might be, it is always a good idea to include these inputs from your side.
The homepage is where your potential customers take the first step of their journey with you. Give your best to make it enticing enough for a person to want to click and see what the other sections have on offer. This way, make your website the best medium of conversion for your business. All the best!

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